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Air Jacket

Horse riding is one of the most dangerous sports, it is not for nothing that the Airbags have been introduced in equestrian sports: airbag vests for horse riding. Not only beginners or pony riders choose for an airjacket, but more and more top riders are also want extra safety during horseriding.

In the event of a fall, the airbag vest provides total protection of the vital parts of your body (neck, thorax, back, ribcage, lumbar region, pelvis and sacrum) thanks to its ultra-fast pre-impact activation. The airbag package contains a cord that is attached to your saddle and to your airbag vest. As soon as you lose balance and the cord is tensioned, as happens in a fall, the air pattern is triggered. This quickly inflates the airbag vest, breaking your fall. After a fall you do not have to buy a new vest, but screw a new Air cartridge into your vest and it is immediately ready for use again.