Back on Track Elbow Brace

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  • Back on Track Elbow Brace
  • Has proven to be particularly effective for those suffering from mouse arm/carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow syndrome
  • The ceramic fabric has pronounced and highly positive effects against inflammatory pain, which these complaints are a result of
  • It is advisable to choose a tightly fitted brace over a larger size for the treatment of mouse arm, as pressure on the sensitive area is beneficial for mouse arm conditions
  • It is well worth trying the elbow brace even if you suffer from more chronic complaints, for example after treating a condition with cortisone injections
Size: Mesure 8 cm above the bend of the arm' for Elbow Brace
XS: 23 - 25 cm
S: 26 - 29 cm
M: 30 - 32 cm
L: 33 - 36 cm
XL: 37 - 41 cm

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