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If you want optimal safety while riding, you can choose to wear an airbag vest or air jacket.

An airbag vest is basically a body warmer with an integrated airbag system. If the rider falls from the horse, the spiral cord automatically activates the vest. When the vest is activated, it inflates in a hundredth of a second so that it breaks the fall and thus protects the upper body as best as possible.

The vest ensures that in the event of a fall from your horse, your torso and all vulnerable and vital parts are protected. If you fall, the self-inflating cushion automatically inflates with air using an air cylinder, causing you to fall onto a kind of air cushion. This way, your spine, neck, chest, ribs, tailbone and pelvis are optimally protected during a fall.

You can wear the air jacket over your training shirt. If you prefer to wear it under your jacket, make sure that there is sufficient (more than 25%) Elastane / Stretch in your jacket or competition jacket.