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The history of Sectolin goes back for more than 85 years. Our company was founded in 1934 and in that time Sectolin sold all kinds of cosmetic products, even baby powder. Thirty years later the focus of the company changed from human to animal and since the 80’s we fully tend to concentrate on hobby pets, specialized in Horses.

s someone who loves animals, you want the best for your horse, dog or cat. A save and trusted, hygienic environment in which the animal is the central point and an optimal care is essential. Thereby we believe that preventing is better than curing. If prevention is not enough, then Sectolin offers a wide product range of animal care products and health products. All of our products are designed and developed with the health of the animal as central point. Of course our products do what they promise and are easy in use. If it’s somehow possible, then we use natural components. If that’s not possible, then we choose save alternatives which are as durable as possible. Sectolin, lasting an animal live!